My journey started in 2015 when I got pregnant with my son, Cove. I was reading Alicia Silverstone's book, "The Kind Mama". It's a beautifully written book that walks you through the journey of a vegan pregnancy. At the time, I was no where near being ready to go vegan, yet it planted a seed in me. I often reflected back to the information I had read and would consciously try to make better food choices, but I still had a diet heavy in animal products. 

Fast forward a year. I was still nursing my beautiful, healthy son, but something just felt off. I was beyond exhausted. I felt constantly sluggish, very overweight and experienced frequent digestive issues. My son was starting on solid food, but he had his own little issues he was contending with. He had colic, eczema and constipation. I decided we needed to make a change. 

So we gave the lifestyle I read about in that book a try and went vegan. It was a slow process for us -well more for me than for him. He LOVED his fruits and veggies (and he still does!). While we were transitioning, I wanted to make something for him that was tasty, nutritious and vegan. 

I began making granola. I did my research and found ingredients that were "super foods". I wanted something he could eat in abundance and knew he was getting so much more than a tasty treat. 

I made batch after batch because pretty soon, he wasn't the only one eating it! My family and friends were eating it too! 

I tweaked the recipe time and time again until I came up with the "perfect" recipe. My friends encouraged me to sell it at our local Farmer's market. I was so happy to be sharing it with strangers. It felt so right and rewarding to be able to give people "real food". 

I'm ready to go beyond my local community and want to share this wellness with the world. I hope you try Crunchy Cove and can taste the difference. You may not have known that you can taste TRUTH, LOVE and COMPASSION... But you can, I make sure of it.


Sara Smith, Founder

Cove Smith, Co-Founder & Inspiration